For the past few weeks, we have been hard at work designing and programming a whole new site for Cj Smith.

CJ Smith is a songwriter and performer who works across multiple genres. The purpose of this site is to present his extensive catalogue in one ready accessible location. If you are a fan, then you can link here to purchase his CD’s or individual tracks from multiple download sources such as and iTunes.

If you are looking for film or television tracks, please browse the song catalogue and contact us if we can help.

These days, CJ concentrates more on writing and studio work. His passion is the story; and the lyrics and music that deliver the story are carefully crafted to establish the setting.

The ‘SONGS’ page carries a huge selection from CJ’s catalogue, and many songs come complete with soundbites (look for the player) and additional information. Just pass the cursor over the song title to look for more information.

The ‘DISCOGRAPHY’ page lets you sample album tracks and the ‘STORE’ page offers you multiple purchase options.

We welcome your involvement and your thoughts and comments and of course remember to check back regularly for information.

Written on June 29th, 2010 & filed under Uncategorized